The experience of cinema, is similar to dreams. Filmmaking, would be Dreammaking. Storytelling is one of the oldest natural traditions, that continues to inspire, teach, and heal through cinema. Moments in one’s life are layed on a progressive timeline. Sometimes memories blend, sometimes they are embellished or reoccur in patterns.

We have chosen the filmmaking path to explore our human emotions and the universe around us. We respect the energy of light and shadow. Our three dimensional preception can keep us locked on a plane. Film brings deeper elements of wonder. We focus on surrealist endevours, human potential, happy accidents, the truth, majesty, courage, awareness and the dance between light and movement. <3



dir. Danilo Parra    dp. Isiah Flores   for VICE & INTEL

2 in 1 – INTEL

dir. Danilo Parra   dp. Kevin Hayden    gaffer / editor. Isiah Flores   for VICE & INTEL

The Flight (Alana Stewart) – The Sinner Inside

dir. Isiah Flores
edit. Isiah Flores, Marques Mallare

Fucked Up – Sun Glass

Music Video trt: 3:28   dir. Andy Capper for VICE

Black Eye – Jacolby Satterwhite

dir. Danilo Parra   for CONVERSE

Clayton William – Fill Ur Cup Up ft. Sage The Gemini, Dmac, Milla, Jmaine

trt:  3:12   dir. Sharp

Black Eye – Hank Willis Thomas

dir. Danilo Parra  for CONVERSE

Black Eye – Wangechi Mutu

Mini Doc trt: 2:00   dir. Danilo Parra   for CONVERSE

Milla- Hell Yeah ft Clyde Carson, Priceless Da Roc

Music Video trt: 5:47

Mr. Grillo The Theremnist

Documentary Dir: Danilo Parra trt: 22:00

Tricking: The Freedom Of Movement

Feature Doc  trt: 1hr 44min

Sylvia, Sylvia

16MM 35MM SHORT film trt: 14mins

American Indian Mural Project -SF

Short Doc trt: 7 mins

Tricking for a Decade. LK Camp

ShortDoc trt: 10mins