The first ever Tricking Festival was a blast! We screened the various submissions during our Tenth Loopkicks Camp held in the San Francisco Bay Area, July 15 -21 2013. Cinema has always been an art the expands and explores the human mind, emotion, building culture, and it give us a glimpse inside one’s vision. The visualization that comes with tricking transcends limitations. The art of Tricking expresses our imagination through body movement, without any external devices or paint brushes. The potential of human expression is constantly pushed upward, with trickers releasing new samplers almost weekly. Filmmaking tools more accessible, more people are able to experiment with motion picture, combing two very powerful art forms. Both Tricking and Cinema deal with time and dynamism. Each film displays the beauty in tricking, as each filmmaker explores themselves through image, editing, and sound. Since the early days of Tricking, the trickers took things into their own and invented a short format “The Sampler” that has spread the art form unlike anything we could fathom. Samplers are vastly created and shared worldwide. The positive open mindedness of the community, creates an instant collaboration of ideas, movements, techniques, positivity and stories which push the craft to be ever evolving. As an early tricker, the samplers were more like creative demo or highlight reels, highly inspiring, goofy, ariel movement attempts and combos. Treating tricking content as a film will allow the tricker / tfilmmaker to challenge oneself and have a voice with her/his story through tricking.

Judging happens online. The films are reviewed and scored in a satilite fashion. This way, ensuring a wide variety of opinions to judge the amazing pieces. Contact below if you would like to be a judge for the 2014 Tricking Film Festival.



Film Criteria. Each film had a time limit of 5 minutes to display their story. The Categories were:


Awards. Our Category winners recieve one week free admission to the 2014 Loopkicks Camp, which is TWO weeks long. One week in the Bay Area and the Second in Los Angeles. Winner’s get to pick between the two. As well as, a special, rare kendama from Kendama USA, with engraved gold at the top of the tama (ball) which is only given to the pro team, and winners.

Winners!!! Below are the winners of the Tricking Film Festival 2013. Click here to watch the Entire Festival Program finalist and Winners trt: 1 hr 10mins


Finalist!!! Below are the finalist official selections of the Tricking Film Festival 2013. Click here to watch the Entire Festival Program finalist and Winners trt: 1 hr 10mins


The 2014 Tricking Film Festival info will be up soon. stay tuned for more details.

Thank You to all the Trickers who submitted, to all the attendees of the First Screening during Loopkicks Camp 2013, to our SPONSORS Kendama-CO, Kendama USA, Kendama Life, to all the Campers, Gathers, and Guest, Team Loopkicks, All-Star Karate, and all the Trickers Worldwide Tricking their heart out; keeping Tricking alive and Strong. <3